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Ryan's Brain Barf

The Epic

Ryan SleepawayCamper
23 July 1981
I like to talk about my life. I am not really sure why. I believe it is because I have a fun and unique personality. I am an outgoing, friendly, caring person that likes to have fun and all that other stuff that everyone else usually says. What is interesting about me is that I am a very seasonal person. I enjoy every season and find positives in all of them. I like to go on a hayride, and apple or pumpkin picking. I have a habit of building a snowman every winter when the snow is good enough and you can probably find me at some kind of fun holiday gathering. I could go on about the other seasons, but I think this is good for now.

As for other hobbies and interests I like to take nature walks, I love the beach, I like to go camping, singing karaoke, and sometimes I just like traveling with my camera to take pictures. I would like to say I am a sports nut, but I just don’t have the time to be into it as much as other people are. Although, it’s safe to say I am a Steelers fan and I like when someone sports a jersey. One of these days I will make it to an actual game again. I like to cook which I often times fail miserably at, but I am starting to get better. Still, going food shopping often leads me to trouble. Going out for sushi, wings, or any interesting restaurant in general is always fun. I am a huge movie buff, especially when it comes to comedy and horror/thriller movies. I love the arts, and I am fascinated by things that are unique and creative, so I enjoy museums and the theater. I have been told that I always know the fun things to do. I can tell you something thing I wont do, and that is visit Delaware again. The people there were just miserable, and the traffic was ridiculous.

I just want to put out there that I do look younger than I actually am, but I am not. Want to see my ID?.I have a lot of energy, but i am also responsible.

I am a very hard working person, and I have been told that I work myself to death. Nevertheless, I have paid my own way through college out of pocket and have no student loans. I have been going part time for a very long time. If everything goes according to plan, i will be done in the spring. I am a former treatment teacher for a integrated preschool. I work as a behavior specialist for an Agency that services people with special needs. This leaves me with very little time to myself. I don’t really ever sleep.

It has been my dream to travel overseas. Someday I want to visit Ireland, Europe, Japan, and maybe some other places. When the opportunity for travel arises, Ireland will be my first target.

I am looking for people who are funny and can laugh at themselves. I want to read Live Journals that have their own independent style. Having a silly side is a huge plus, because that means to me that that you have personality. I dislike when I have to read things and question if the writer has a pulse or not. I think those people most likely write math books, or become accountants and a firm or something. Anyway, if your cool you can add me.