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Does LJ make people emo?

Its been a while, I lost my phone and forgot about my LJ bc all apps were deleted. So now I have an android upgrade and I was just looking at some of the posts from others and it looks like lj makes people emo. I remmber being emotional in the past but damn. I guess its bc its a good place to vent lol.

Darth Vader on Groundhog Day

"One day i put several people in choke holds, cut off my son's hand, and froze someone in carbonite.. Why couldn't i get that day, over and over?"

Happy Groundhog Day!

So today is Groundhog Day. To many simple minded Americans that means nothing. However, to me, it is the most important day of the year. It is the most unique, special, and amzing holdiay marked on the calander. Take it from someone who has made trips to visit Punxy Phil 3 years in a row. I even have a T-Shirt from the town to prove it.

unfotunately, due to my appointments, and scheduling this year, i was not able to make my way to western PA.  However, i did manage to decorate my house with Groundhog retobelia earlier on in January, and i woke up early anxiously waiting to see Phil's prediction on the Weather Channel.
As i waited, i raised my hand in the air and fist pumped like an excited italian on Jersy Shore, and chanted "6 More Weeks" repeatedly. I was so loud i saw my neighbor wake up and come outside in her bathrobe as if she just rolled out of bed and stare at me like a bull would stare at bright red flag being waved in its face. I ignored here and kept to my buisness.
Unfortunately, i am a bit upset with the weather channel at this time. They did not even show the prognostication being done by the inner cicle. Usually, they pull Phil from his stump, Phil speaks to the President of the inner circle in Groundhogese (a language only understood by the President), and is translated to the rest of the world on a scroll usually in rhyme. Instead, the weather channel decided to skip all that this year and go right to the reporter after the prediction was already made. The reporter seemed a little dumb, she mentioned the crowds booing, and that we should have seen it. However, after being there several years in a row, i know most of it is BS. usually there is a mix, several people want winter, and several people want spring. And most people just chant Phil's name like he is some sort of super star! (because he is).
Looks like i will be streaming the prediction online later at the official Groundhog Club Website to get a proper viewing of what actually was said, and what actually happened. The Good News, is that i earned the Groundhog Day Badge on Foursquare. I guess they are doing a new one each year now bc i now have 2.
Oh yeah, and i just finished a beer called a Groundhog Brew. It is an Organic Brew made from a Brewery in PA. its an organic beer, but not bad for organic.


once again
Happy Groundhog Day!

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Don't be afraid. It's only a Ghost Story.

Hi Live journal! How have you been?
It's been a little while since ive updated. I need to remember to do it more so i can start rebuilding the Live journal tower i had in the past. But the good news is that i have been hired for a better, higher paying job and i start on febuary 6th.

Yesterday seemed to be a little strange for a monday. The first weekday of my two week break, and the entire day seemed to have a certiant bitterness in the air. I was driving home from Milford at around 3am last night/morning. There is a long windy side rhode i usually take to get back to Cumberland. I would say that it is about 3 miles in its entirety and only one intersection with now redlight. Sometimes you have to be careful because other cars wont see the redlights at night due to it's unusual darkness, and the will blow through them as if it were a fad. Of couse i didn't have to worry much about that because of the hour, but what i did find myself dealing with was fog so thick, that it looked like you could climb up it as if it were a rock wall. I was driving very slow and carefully to try not to hit anything, but as i was deep into rhode surrounded by trees and fog, to my horror i hear a small raspy voice comeing from the back seat almost screaming in a whisper "help me, your dead". As i slammed on my breaks and stopped suddenly, i turned around quickly din a defensive karate position with the uper part of my body. I find that there is nothing there. I pulled out my cellphone to see if maybe youtube our something poped up as it occasionally does, to find that it was completely off, and i knew i already turned the radio off as to not distract my driving. I slowly and cautiously started moving again. I started driving again as to not hit anybody that might be laying in the rhode. As i moved forward, i turned son my highbeams that i had previously turned off and that is when i saw it. A face in the fog that i will never forget. It almost looked like a demon. Maybe it was a demon. But it's eyes were paved with white so bright it overcame the rest of the fog, and it had a grin from one ear to the other that i would make anyones bones chill. It had hair hanging off of it's neck, almost as if it were a mane. As i watched it whisper in a raspy voice i ducked under my arm to notice it slowly vanish into the fog. I never made out what it said, and i also didn't want to. I continued on my way scared shitless, and went to bed with the vivid image haunting my dreams. So i never really got much sleep.
Anyway, i am on a two weeks paid vacation right now. I am so poor that ive been think about surfing the couch cusions for quaters like an 8 year old who needs quaters for the arcade.

Peace out.

Long weekend.

As for long weekends. They are never a bad thing. I enjoyed this one just as much as any other. Friday night i went to see The Chick With The Dragon Tattoo. The only thing i knew about the movie was the fact that it was based on a book. It wasn't really my kind of movie. Though it did have some good parts like when the chick slammed the dildo up the rapists ass and tattooed a funny but honest statement on his front body.
I thought the movie was too slow paced, there was a lot of parts where i almost fell asleep because all it was was a drunk detective, and an abused female punk looking through old photos. Also, it ended on too much of a downer. This was my thoughts on the movie, but then again i never read the book. Maybe the movie followed the book accurately, which would have gave the film extra points if i actually read it, but even without reading it it. I am going to say the clasic and highly overrated line "the book was better".
After the movie friday night i went to the beer mug where i met up with a few friends. It was fun, but i was exsaughsted afterward. Slept late Saturday, and went to the gym. Sat the pats won, i didn't complain much bc tebo deserved everything he got for beating the steelers, and the 9ers played a great game too. I ate yummy food at the milfor mandarin and drank a scorpian bowl while watching that happen.
Sunday i hit the gym again, went too the bowling alley and practiced a bit. IDK why, but real bowling is much differant than WII bowling. Friends, don't practice on the WII thinking you are going to kick ass next time you bowl for real. It doesnt work that way. I promis.
Today i praised Martin Luthar King Jr. By listening to my avenue Q soundtrack at singing along to the song "everyones a little bit raceist". Maybe i am an ass? Whatever. Fuck you! i enjoyed it. I had fun at my cousins house bc she had a turkey dinner. Now that the day is coming to an end i find myself at Curbside in Cumberland. For those of you who dont know what that is, it is just about the greatest dive bar in the universe. And it has a giant jenga tower. But im not using that today, i am just relaxing with a gansett gettting ready for my last week with my current employer.

Jan. 10th, 2012

So i have bumped up my workout. That is all i am going to say bc i am too tired to say more. But i need an update.

Working the day shift.

So like most of the world, i work the day shift. I have not always worked the day shift. I have also been through 2nd and 3rd shift the past few years. Most of the world grows accustomed to a 1st shift job, as i did many years in the past. Now it has evolved into the most painfull, gruleing, and unfotunate shift a person can deal with in my eyes.
Of course there are are many bennifits to working days. You can go home after, eat the dinner you want to make, keep up with prime time tv, and spend time with the family. Now lets looks and the downsides. You miss out on nice days during the week, you have to watch daytime tv which consists of talk shows that are mostly staged, repeats of shows you have already seen, and daytime soap operas that are geared to make old people horny.
So, why do i hate working first shift. The answer is simple. Because i have to wake up early. If you ask anyone who works during the day and they will most likely tell you these phrases over and over. "I didn't want to get out of bed today." , "I need coffee", "i am so tired", and "i didn't get enough sleep last night"....etc. These phrases are common, and i have caught myself saying them to other people. But do they really help us in any way?
When i worked 2nd or even 3rd shift, i had never heard these phrases. On Third shif maybe there would be an "im tired", but only in the early morning before we got to leave. The bennifits of these shifts are more important to me. I get to sleep in. Meaning i am never actually tired when i go to work. I have more time to go to the gym, and if i do decide to wake up early, i have more time to finish my daily tasks that i always say i want to get done but dont. Like, clean my car or room, go shopping, wash the lint out of my belly button. Whatever the task might be.
So, i am excited to start my new 2nd shift job for these reasons. It will be better, healthier, and my life will make a little mor sence. Maybe the rest of the world wont agree. But i am def more of a 2nd shift person.

I have been working out!

So the past few days i have doing something that seems rather epic to me. I have gotten off my lazy ass and went to the gym. I am paying $10 a month for it. However, for some reason my weight does not change, nor do i see results unless i actually go and use it. I am quite proud of myself for using 20 cardio machines yesterday and today.

I joined the gym last may and went every day for 3 months. I was able to run road races and was dropping weight like i never have. For some reason, after my week long summer break, i just stopped going, and i didn't go back until this month. I have pretty much gained all the weight i lost back. Holiday lbs and such, and drinking probably doesn't help either. Good news is, i am back in workout mode and will prob loose it all again. The WII exercise games also help out too.

So, today was a long day at work. I am actually prepared for it to be my longest week ever in the history of my life. Seeing as how it was the first day of my two week notice. Countdown begins. But for extended day, the client i was assigned to was trying to masturbate the whole time. He is talk and squirmy, and it is very hard for him to keep still. He was shredding his cloths, and so i tried walking him around to get his mind off of it. However, my biceps were killing after that i am surprised i even made it to the gym. I was very glad for work to end today. I am surprised i even made it to the gym tonight.

My morning ritual.

Most weekdays in life the common person works a 9 -5 job. Or at least something close to those hours. Work can be a long hard grlueing painful exsperience, and the worst par of it all, is the fact that we have to get up early.
To me, and i am sure many people feel the same way, my morning ritual is the way i cope with this. First i get up, toss my cloths around mixing and matching trying to find the right thing to wear. After about 10 to 15 minutes of that, i go brush my teeth and shave. These things are not really part of coping, but they are necessities to do in the morning before the coping process can begin.
The next thing after the pre-coping necessities are complete, the self soothing regamin can begine. For me, and many other people, it starts with a simple cup of coffee. Coffee is not only just for relaxing and coping, but aslo important for the daily evilution of man. It't almost feels like i do not walk upright until my first cup of coffee is in my system.
I usually enjoy watching the today show while i drink my coffee. I am not really sure why, but i feel like i would rather watch the daily news at this time of day than any movie, news, or cartoon. I guess this also has to do with my daily morning coping routine.

Unfortunate day for the Steelers

Unfortunately with todays loss, the Steelers are out of the playoffs. But I do give them alot of credit for the hard game they played. I guess i am going to hope for the Pats and the 9ers to be in the super bowl. No matter who wins that one, it will be a win win situation for me.

Anyway, today was a very good day. I did a 300 calorie work out at the gym, and i feel like i might actually be getting back into the groove of working out every day.
Later on, my good frind ronnie invited me out for some drinks. We went to Third Base spots bar, lous cafe, Cumberland A.C. and then back to Third Base. Nothing too crazy, but it was a nice little adventure for a Saturday.
Tomorrow, i find myself starting my final two weeks of my current job. I will be very happy come January 20th.